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"Pudzianowski is ugly, even hideous" - interview with James Thompson

We invite you to read the interview with James Thompson, who at KSW16 will square off against Mariusz Pudzianowski. The popular Collosus talks about his beginnings in MMA, trainings and even takes some verbal shots at Pudzianowski. Enjoy

Hello James. I’ve seen many of your fights on the internet and I was astonished how big you are. However when I met you, you seem to be even bigger. Tell us, what do you eat to be so huge (laughs)?
- Hi Artur. Eating a lot of chopped meat is my secret (laughs).
Anything else besides the meat?
- Fighting is not about eating specific food. There are many different aspects to this game. You need to be versatile in every aspect of the sport. That’s true, I’m a big guy and it matters, but it’s not the most important thing.
How did you become a professional athlete. Tell us about your beginnings in MMA.
- Long time ago I watched one of the first UFCs. I was hooked immediately, five weeks later I had my first fight. It happened as fast as in Mariusz’s career and a year after my debut I was already in Pride. I’ve liked the competitive aspect of the sport since I started. I wanted to test myself against different athletes and that’s why I’ve become a mixed martial artist.
What do you remember from your time in Japan? Did you enjoy the great spectacle Pride was?
- I was signed by Pride very early in my career, but I really enjoyed that time. It was an amazing show. It’s hard to describe how great of a spectacle the Japanese producers were able to create. I was even intimidated by the scale of those events.
Your fight against Mariusz Pudzianowski will be watched by fifteen thousand people in Ergo Arena and millions at home. KSW promoters also know how to prepare a great show. Do you have any jitters before this bout?
- If I had any jitters, I’d be nervous already (laughs). I haven’t fought on KSW shows yet, so I haven’t experienced it myself. However I’ve heard from other English fighters that this is a huge event with great production. I look forward to fighting here!
You’ve just met Mariusz for the first time. What is your initial reaction?
- I knew he was a big yoked guy. When I saw him on TV, he looked different.
Different? What do you mean?
- He looks uglier that I thought. I’d say he’s even hideous... He must’ve fallen on his face when he was young quite a few times.
What can you tell about this clash? Do you have any strategy set for it?
- I want it to be a great fight for the fans. I want to win so I can come back here. I don’t have any special game plan. I will put on a show and have my hand raised at the end.
How will you prepare for Mariusz?
- I started my training camp six weeks ago. I slowly increase the intensity of my preparations. I know my body well and I don’t want to peak too early. Don’t worry I will be in a great shape come fight time.
Who do you train with before this fight?
- I currently train in England in London Shootfighters. I’ve recently got back from USA, where I trained with fighters like Mark Munoz or Krzysztof Soszynski.
Please tell a few words to Mariusz to end the interview.
- Mariusz, I’m The Collossus and I will win this fight!
Interview by Artur Przybysz